Tuesday, October 11, 2011


Earlier tonight after working on some writings my eyes begun to get heavy, and as I was trying to fight the urged to sleep I gave in at the end. Alarmed my phone to a 30 minute sleep, though as I have learned power nap is a 20 minutes sleep, I wanted to have an extra minutes. And so my sweet journey start , when my clock hit the alarmed I turned it off and continue my sleep. I am always like that, setting the alarm yet would not wake up when the set time has come. 

Looking back now, I realized  that at some point in my life I am breaking the rules that I have set. When it is time to stop and to think  I am so much aware of the need to stop,still  I continue to indulged myself .Giving reasons to do it  over and over again, that at some points I am put into compromised. Sometimes those little habits that I think has no bearing to the way I act and think was the very reason why I became these way. The hardest part is the admission and correction portion, that are often painful. What to do? They say old habits are hard to resist, Oh God , help me to correct these  little thing that  may consumed me if not rebuked as early as now.:(


NovaS said...

hope you will control yourself from breaking small rules in life..because that is where everything starts...sometimes it is not bad to break rules even if we know it's for our good sake.. however, if we noticed that we always breaks the rules that is not something that we have to tolerate...happy weekdays

simply kim said...

i think all of us break rules one way or another and i guess just as long as breaking rules do not put us in a dangerous situation, then it's still OK, lol! left you some love..

by the way, do you mind checking out on The Laborers?