Saturday, September 10, 2011


One of the advantage of having own vehicle is that it gives you freedom where you wanted to go anytime of the day when you feel like going around, except for the coding. But of course its not only about the advantage, there is also the challenges that needs to be consider, like the gasoline and the traffic. On the other hand, its nice and feels good to dress up the car from roof to floor.

I accompanied my friend in the car accessory shop as she wishes to canvass for the ford five hundred custom floor mats she saw in an car shop. As we were listening to the sales representative giving us overview about the product, my friend was totally attentive while I was feeling the material. After the talk and demo, we went checking other accessory that she might find fit for her car. I was just thinking, having a car is also like a having a baby isn't it?.

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