Wednesday, August 17, 2011


When its obvious, concealing and denial will not do rather it will only worsen the situation. I have seen some documentaries and shows about different addiction a countless times in television , featuring people who  have been lost and life was  on messed up  because of  their vices. Each of them has each story to tell and share. Some were not lucky enough to overcome the effect while others regret and are willing to be rescued and help.

It's nice to see people who are in bondage before of their vices then came one day to testify how they got saved inside  alcohol rehab treatment centers after accepting the fact that they really need help.Imagine if they keep believing themselves that they are fine, despite exhibiting signs of addiction.Gladly, number of being saved is increasing, very inspiring. It only shows how acceptance is better than denial, it makes a big  difference, it saves life.

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Chris said...

I'm glad that these communities are doing their best to provide expert services to people who need their help. Living in a community certainly helpful.

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