Sunday, August 28, 2011


Earth is becoming congested as decades past by, While the form and size of our planet earth remains the same, population of creatures living in the planet  continuously grows each day. And because of this, we consumed more than what nature supply. We are contaminating the planet we are living in, trees disappearing because of business. Species are fading in their territory because we make them food, we take them from their homes and family for our own pleasure and entertainment. 

We've already seen the effect of imbalance cycle in our planet that results to many disturbing tragedy. Floods, typhoons , landslide , hurricanes , huge ice melt down, tsunami ,earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and many more to mention. If these fortuitous events shakes us all together, how are we to last?. Only God knows. But what are we doing? why do we keep on destroying our homes because of our greediness. Because of our ambitions, we created machines and built huge factories that released harmful chemicals to the air, and even to the sea waters. We are killing everything, our nature, our food , ourselves.Is there anything that you know that is not yet contaminated today? even those plants that we claim to be organic can no longer be trusted. 
Businessman keeps on building , to accommodate the growing needs of man, setting aside the contrast effect it may struck  man  in the future, what is important right now is that they live well because of rising business.

Why is this happening? we keep on saving riches here on Earth, that which tarnish and fades ,and temporary. How foolish are we that we are so mindful of the treasures of this world. I still would want my grand children see how beautiful Earth is, and how wonderful it is  to live in, but to this moment, I am not sure anymore of that dreams of mine, as Earth  deteriorates  slowly because of our foolishness.


simply kim said...

oh, yes.. that's very sad indeed...

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Lina Gustina said...

Poor Earth :(

Mel Alarilla said...

Yes, man will one day destroy himself and everything around him because of insatiable greed and the pursuit of pleasure. It is sad to note that our future grandchildren will no longer enjoy the things we are enjoying now because we all take things for granted. May we all work and pray to save our one and only planet. Thanks for the post. God bless you all always.