Tuesday, August 9, 2011


How many times did I promise to make it a point visiting my blog and do some updating, yet I end up doing something. My mind is willing but my body is refusing because it has its own body clock following. "Time management , yen " somebody's echoing at the back of my mind and I say "Yes, I know that" but still nothing happens. Goodness! What really is the problem with me, am I really busy? I think I need to assess my activity. Am I becoming a couch potato or a just a lazy bone, or is it maybe I'm running out of ideas and topic to write and share here. Am I out of focus? maybe. Oh my, I am so dis organized lately, and I have to find out whats really is hindering me from becoming productive. Even at work, I feel like my time is not fully maximize.

I remember my friend telling me that if there is one thing that we cannot turn back, its the time so might spent it wisely and carefully. Shame on me if she would see me now and found out how I am responding with the chances and opportunities knock my door and let it pass by. Here I am again friend, realizing and yet lacking in application.Sigh.

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