Wednesday, August 17, 2011


Do more than  exist , live. Do more than hear , listen. Do more than agree, cooperate. Do more than talk, communicate.Do more than grow, bloom. Do more than spend, invest. Do more than think, create. Do more than work, excel. Do more than share , give.Do more than reach, stretch. Do more than ponder, pray. Do more than just live, live for Jesus.

This words of inspiration above makes me think tonight of pursuing whats need to be done, doing whats best and is pleasing to my creator. Though I know this fact, still there's no fruit , what I heard is still a knowledge inside me, that still needs application, needs implementation. I like what it says, Do more than work, excel. Don't just do what is ask of you to do , rather add an extra work for the ones you are serving. And while I heard in one of the preaching of our pastor, He said, Whatever you do, do it as if you are doing it for God. Do it that your creator will be glorified by exceeding standard. At the end, you will receive your reward.

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