Monday, July 11, 2011


I remember when I had a new umbrella last month and I used it heading to our office,then my friend borrowed the umbrella, I was hesitant to let him bring my umbrella outside for it was windy and the rain was heavy.And I end up handing him my thing. When went back , my umbrella bears a damage. And for that he  told me he will buy me a new one this coming cut off, because I already warned him of the situation  that time so in return of that he should replace it with a new one.

And speaking of having a new one, I chanced to land in an online store which showcase a fancy and luminous accessories like of this  watch that I could hardly resist, Yes I know it looks like for men, but I'd still love to wear it. After all the color is black and sporty watch like that is forgivable. So, to those friends of mine who would love to give me gift on my birthday, I'm giving this as a clue. I love it.

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