Monday, July 11, 2011


I was stunned when I saw my former office mate who dropped by in the office last week, why? because he loss weight, I didn't expect that he'd loss it with the help of food monitoring technique. Of course I wanted to learn his technique so I make him share the secret. He was not into exercise but fully guard his calorie intake, I could not believe the fats has formed some mini abs in his tummy. So cool, you would thought he was taking diet pills because of the effect.But men, the food technique was effective and the negative calorie fruits that he maintain was visible.Which is why I was inspired by him, and know pineapple has become my favorite meal. haha.

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Good Filipino said...

I loss weight too in just 3 months ... through drinking Barley.. when you drink it.. you tend to pee ... this is my personal testimony..