Monday, May 30, 2011


End times is preached everywhere , has become a headlines at some point, and yet though we know  the warnings and the consequences of our stubbornness we continue to walk on our way. Sad but true. I just hope I am making the most of my time in doing the right thing. I mean not just the right thing but what's pleasing to God. Am I able to make my creator smile, or I am also headache. 

My weekday is devoted for work, my evening is divided for fun time, like television, internet and reading and also for chatting. And when I realize it's late and I need to rest and sleep, that is also the time where someone is reminding me of my important time to talk to God. Bible seems to be the last in my list, so sad for me. I know, Yes I am very much aware that I have to put God first before anything else, yet I am so distracted by so many stuff in my room. Need some redemption.

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