Sunday, May 22, 2011


Because I get a couple of invites to run , lately I was encourage to buy a new pair of running shoes. Though I still have a pair of shoes that is good for running still, I found myself this afternoon surveying and canvassing on shoes that I can afford and at the same time, the style is also there and of course I will be comfortable when I wear it. I got the shoes on a discounted price, which is good. The extra money from the shoe budget goes to other stuff.

Next Sunday, a friend is inviting me to join their team building, Run for a cause, for 500 pesos. I am not yet sure if I can come, but I hope I can. Will see this Tuesday, I told her I will let her know if I can join them. If I can't make it, maybe some other time. I know it's fun and healthy to run and joining this kind of activity not just help you burn the fats, but it makes everyone united in achieving one's goal and supporting the vision and mission of the group facilitating the activity. 


simply kim said...

hmmm.. i wish i could join an activity like that, RUN FOR A CAUSE..

a visit from Kimmy Schemy!

NovaS said...

hope you can run for a cause... enjoy

rah said...

Buy Nike. You;ll never regret it. Investment din yon kahit mejo mahal.