Wednesday, May 11, 2011


Summer is yet to end but before that, how did you spent your first month of summer vacation? On my way to my work i saw lots of advertisement encouraging students who are on break from the class. There are those inviting kids to enroll in the summer classes like, learning to swim, dance, art , cook and more. On teens, they are more on enjoying the beaches, out of towns. Others do bar hopping while some loves to watch concerts and other recreational activities.

Meanwhile, I am just hanging around the net tonight, this concerts are now offering schedules to watch, which I would only like to share with you if you are concert lover , Britney Spears followers that loves to see more of their idol will surely love this news because Britney Spears Tickets is now available. You wanna rock in roll?  Rolling Stones Tickets  for grab. There is more to see if only I have that huge amount of money to spent, I'll see to it to be present in every gig of my favorite artists. Here are other shows that everyone can enjoy, Zac Brown band  Tickets , Jersey Boys Tickets and Los Angeles Dodgers Tickets are just one of many shows you can reserve a seat. My brother is a fan of the rolling stones so if I am to share with him tonight about this shows I will not be disappointed with the excitement I am hoping to see in his eyes. I am very much sure about that.I just hope one day I could him the ticket as a gift.

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NovaS said...

we have so many plans for our summer here although it hasn't come yet... but everyone is super duper excited i'm sure you all there too