Wednesday, May 18, 2011


During our four days camp, one of the long awaited by the campers is the bonfire night, which the teens are so excited about, when the head pastor announced that we will be heading to the hillside and set a fire pit there. You can picture the excitement on each faces , they were not worried that night considering that it rains there two hours before the said activity. While the facilitator, us, is discussing whether we are to continue the bonfire night, we started voting off because the idea were divided. But in the end, we still continue the original itinerary, because the campers were expecting for that, by God's grace the bonfire night was held successfully.


NovaS said...

camping, retreats those are the kind of socialization that i miss at work/outhere..bonfire is cool

isp101 said...

Hi, Yen! I had experience youth camp before, in WORD OF LIFE in LAGUNA, aside from the fun and exciting unforgettable moments, we were fed by GOD's word for 3days! It's an awesome experience, especially the bonfire at night. God bless! =)