Saturday, April 9, 2011


I can't count in my finger the news I have read and heard about an employee being fired on his/her work because of what they post in their social networking profile wall. Yay! how sad. Now, I have read that news again, about this guy who lost his job when he posted his feeling toward his work. What's the lesson of this story? I guess it's being aware, being sensitive, cautious. Choosing the right person, place,scenario when unloading the burdens that's keeping you.

oftentimes,sharing our personal thoughts online do cause us harm. I'm not saying that it is not good, neither do I say it is bad, what I am only trying to point out is that we know who to share our rants and ramblings when we feel like sharing it. But if your the person who really loves to share the world your daily thoughts in life, go on, its your prerogative, only you must be ready to bear the consequences it might put you in the future. It is only my opinion and observation. Good luck with all the wall posting guys.


Mel Avila Alarilla said...

Yes, we must be very careful in what we post especially if it is venting or letting off steam. And if we must really do it, we must be sure that we don't give specifics that might boomerang on us later on. If we need to vent, choose trusted friends and email them your grievances. They will understand you and give you advice and comfort in all your woes. Thanks for the post. God bless you always.

isp101 said...

Hello YEN, I agree. If you post something on your social networking sites, mind the people who could read the said post. We can't really just say something stupid that could eventually ruin your career. If you can't really keep it to yourself, then, pray to the LORD and ask for guidance. God bless! =)

simply kim said...

we must practice TACT anywhere, at home, at work, outside, and even online..

chhipa said...

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