Sunday, April 17, 2011


After years of studying on medical profession, graduation is one last proof that the course to medical profession is now accomplished. The time to apply the knowledge which the mentors in school has taught the new sets of graduate has yet to start. I was riding a bus this afternoon when my eye caught a group of ladies enter a boutique scanning the nursing scrubs displayed in the hangers visible to the passer by.My first impression was, maybe they are fresh grad, and is now schedule for duty sooner or later. Anyway I was just guessing, through their gestures. That boutique was known for scrub clothing, I know not because from the boutique name itself but because I was once ask to accompany my friend there to look for a scrub pants for her sister who that time would start her on the job training in a hospital near their location. After gaining experience from the hospital she work with, My friend sister got a good offer abroad so she went there and now its here second year anniversary outside the country, I still have updates with here every now and then, and so far shes doing great and enjoying her job.

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