Saturday, April 30, 2011


Going to supermarket is one of my daily routine, Its where I buy all my needs. Foods, snacks , toiletries and etc. One of the thing that I don't miss to grab before heading to the cashier station is the snacks. I love snack, really. I love sweet snacks, chocolate , cookies , fruits , chips and juice is always present in my cart. I stock snacks because I sleep late and they are my companion when I am blogging. My mouth is also busy and happy chewing while my mind is feeding creative ideas to overflow. How I wish I have here a hand-dipped cherries delivered , that I could munch in as my taste bud is craving for berries now.  A shake berry , a juice or a fondue will  make me smile, Yummy, Yummy.


NovaS said...

napasyal lang ako dito yen, hope all is well

Diamond R said...

kaingit naman yan.