Saturday, April 30, 2011


Yes I am serious, I really am thinking and considering to engage an online business, like online boutique. I have already talked to my friend whose interest is the same, next week we are schedule to search the local wholesale market to see the process we might do when we start our business. Our feasibility study is now on going, of course we have to set up our own shop online and that I told my friend I will take charge. I know there's a lot of trusted hosting sites out there I could inquire and register for our online business. I have check host gator and see their offers as early as now, so when  time come  that our plan is all set, my reference is available .

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isp101 said...

Wow, business woman kana Yen?! Hehehe! That's very nice, make the most out of your internet, we have a very huge market here.. the entire World Wide Web! =)