Sunday, April 17, 2011


I have mention on my previous post that I was on leave for two days because my parents decided to take a vacation from work, I was also ask to come and join them so I grab the offer and ask permission with my boss for a leave, in which I was granted. Our destination, Puerto Galera to enjoy the beach and other activity that we might enjoy there. We have no house or hotel yet to stay when we get there, but my sister was communicating with one of her friend who owns a rest house. So when we arrive, we contact the caretaker and we were lead to the rest house, the place was perfect, it was homey, we where like having the las vegas hotels accommodation. First class, yet the  room rate was a give away. I love the place, and if I am to go back there, I would still love to stay in that place, very peaceful and clean. Everyone of us in the group like it.

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