Saturday, March 26, 2011


I didn't do things today that will stress me , I have plan this already that today is going to be a lazy Saturday for me, no laundry, no sweeping of room , no watching but blogging is to be visited and updated. After I took my breakfast this morning I open my music list to listen a gospel songs, while I was lying in my bed, few minutes after, I was starting to feel sleepy so I got up and have shower. When I was already done with my shower , my bed was inviting me again to plunge in, so with wet hair I jumped up my bed, few minutes after I was sailing, and when I woke up it was fast five in the afternoon already. Yay! I overslept, my stomach is protesting and my body is heavy, I enjoyed my sleep that's for sure.  I cook for dinner then I was thinking of updating my blog after the dinner, which I am now doing. But forgive me, as I am again sleepy. I don't know what's with me today that I love to sleep the whole day. Now, I am sleepy again, and I know this is not my normal routine. Ten pm is early for me to sleep knowing that I sleep a lot today. This very unusual for me,but I am giving my body what it feels like doing tonight, sleep again.


isp101 said...

It's your restday, indulge yourself, sleep the whole day! Seize the day, bukas may pasok na naman, ikaw din, hehehe! =)

Mel Avila Alarilla said...

Nothing wrong with sleeping if it is not overdone. Sleeping while your hair is wet is bad for one's eyes. Kasabihan nga nuon, masama ang matulog na basa ang ulo dahil makakalbo ka, hehehe. I don't believe that. Thanks for the post. God bless you always.

csseyah said...

mas magandang tuyo ang buhok para hindi dapuan ng mga lisa at alikabok hehehe Good day po