Thursday, March 3, 2011


I attended tonight's First Thursday of the month , worship night in our church. Before that I almost change my mind and just go home instead of going to the worship night. Good thing my friend was so persistent to drag me and even quoted a bible verse about seeking first God's kingdom before anything else. He came up with the verse when I told him I feel like I'm not in worship mode earlier so I have decided to back out as I was thinking I will not fit in. God may not be please with my coming there because God may see that I am holding myself on worshiping and giving Him the praise He deserve. Lucky I am, that this friend of mine play as my angel earlier, because if not with his eagerness I would not experience God's presence and overwhelming grace in that worship night I've come to attend. Thank you to my friend, I owe him the love I felt tonight, if not with this friend of mine, I will miss the chance of giving God my worship and praise inside me.

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