Wednesday, February 9, 2011


It has been my habit to read the news in the net  before starting the day,in this way I can feed my mind with the latest update outside my world. What's with the news today? I heard Ashlee simpson is divorcing her husband for 2 years, whats new with this? nothing. As it is a trend already specially on public figure. Celebrities in particular. Why it become a trend, well I guess it has something to do with their lifestyle and principles in life. Surely they have their very reason why married couple oftentimes come up with the decision of  ending their marriage  contract, but no matter what it is, God says , What God combine into one in the matrimony of marriage, let man not separate it. Disputes between the couple can be settled if both parties are willing and determined to patch up things, its not impossible.. 

Another news that I read this morning was about the burial of the Late ex general , Angelo Reyes. It is said that his remains will be buried in resting place for the heroes. I'm just confused, Is killing oneselves can be consider a hero nowadays?(maybe it still depends on the situation.) knowing that hes name is being link in the military anomaly.(He lost his chance of proving himself not guilty on the accusation.). I happened to watch a news last night, and the x president was asked to comment about the late x general act, the x president says.. What A. Reyes did was  is an  act of bravery ". Really? it was brave? . Well, to some people who heard the comment, its the opposite. It was last night also, that I saw Reyes former confidante on a night show , one on one with Igan. According to Rabusa, he was close with the late x general. He was telling Igan that , he decided to come out to testify and validate the accusation against his friend", because he can no longer sleep at peace and bear his conscience of keeping what he knows,  he says, its time to let the public know the truth,. What's the truth? what's the motive of hes showing up in public? whatever!, this government is starting to sink in my being. May our God, have mercy in our country.


demonyitogwapito said...

true heroes are buried everywhere while INFLUENCIAL people are buried in a heroes cemetery. how sad:(

JENIE=) said...

...May He have mercy on the whole world. mankind is getting worse than ever =(