Sunday, February 6, 2011


One common denominator we can see in schools and universities, gym  is the feature of having Lockers for students and instructors. We are assigned to have our own personal locker for us to keep our personal belongings in our own cabinet in that school or gym. Not just in universities we can see this lockers, but also in our working areas. When I was studying I remember students pay for the fee for the School Lockers, but for the the school athletes and varsities , they are privilege of having free lockers. But even if we pay for the lockers, I don't mind because I was able to keep my books and other school thing in there, I don't have to obliged myself of bringing it always in my bag. 

One testimony of how great it is to have your own locker is my friend whom who enrolled herself in the fitness center near our area. According to her , Gym Lockers is provided for the member as their privilege, she was happy with that, because she was able to keep her shoes and other accessories she use in her gym sessions. In our office I don't have locker of to called my own where I can put my personal things, but I was assigned a key for the vault to which I keep important documents and money for our company. One time my boss ask me to canvass a Lockers for sale because she was planning to segregate our documents according to category. I just don't know if it was approved by the owner because I have not seen purchase order till now. If the owner will approved my boss request, I am guessing it would be a Wood lockers because the owner is so in love with woods. You can see the proof when you visit our office even their home.

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demonyitogwapito said...

one disadvantage having a locker when i was in college, i wasn't able to study and make my assignments because i intend to left my books, etc in my locker. hahaha. laziness. :D