Friday, February 18, 2011


In Luke 6:37 God says, Forgive so will be forgiven. But to most of us, revenge is sweet. If the person hurt us , wronged us, our response is to make the person taste their own dose of medicine so they will know how it feels like. In the bible God is teaching us to love our enemy, but how can we love our enemy? its pathetic right? it is more easy to speak up curse to our enemy, wish for their tragedy, because we are bitter and angry so we want to get even. We come with a wrong prayer, we pray for their,  so heavy. 

Lately,my patience and emotional status was tested, and the good news is that, I am  getting the message and is learning as well. There's this instance were my bf totally  pissed me off, he was being so irrational and  evil if I may say so, hahaha. Kidding. Before I  would definitely react  negatively and would fight back, but now, I don't know if I am already immune haha.. But what I like about in that  situation is I have  accepted the fact that every person has different personality, if he is made to be that way, then let it be, It won't affect me anymore. I just release forgiveness and I'm more content and joyful now.Its true that  no matter how bad the situation it would be, you will see good out of that situation..We just have to wait for it, and believe that its all worth it at the end.As God says in Prov.16:4 . :-)

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demonyitogwapito said...

it feels good to forgive someone and to be forgiven by someone. :)