Thursday, February 17, 2011


I remember the Sunday message of our Pastor , according to him the world is full of good things to offer, and everyone of us is desiring for those good things, luxury in life. We are so busy working hard to have the life that we wanted. Ideal family, car, house in prestigious subdivision, good things in life.And who could resist those good things here in Earth? It's cool to belong, as they say.

We desire good life in this world, sense of belonging but how about our spiritual longings? have we also check if we can say we have treasures in heaven? have we also check if we planted here in Earth the seeds that we can claim in heaven as our treasure? Let us check our spiritual status, because as our Pastor says, its not bad to have the good things in life here on Earth as long as we seek first the kingdom of God. Because in the end, what will matter is our personal relationship with God, how we spend our life in this world.

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demonyitogwapito said...

yes, i definitely agree on that... just live with your good shot no matter what status in life you have... we just have to appreciate all things that surrounds us.