Sunday, February 6, 2011


With all that's happening in our planet Earth , It's time to act and have concern to our Home planet. As we can see and hear news everywhere, that our planet is endanger, Our nature is deteriorating and the beauty of our Planet is fading. But I believe its not yet late for us to care and be active in participating activity like tree planting. Let's put back the beauty that we take from our forest. Let's ask the  help of outdoor planters for us to know where to start.   Or even the indoor planters can give as idea about a tree planting project, if we are willing we can make thing possible. Better yet start in our own yard, start planting. 

My grand mother is an indoor planter , she has her own garden at the back of our back yard. She planted different kind of flowers and other edible green leaf vegetable, I know it made her happy every time she see her plants growing and starting bearing fruits. I know there are lots of people out there who is a indoor planters in heart that just need a boost of talent, character to ignite the fire they have inside. Now is the time to show the world that we can revive the beauty of our Mother Earth, Arise!  outddor planter !

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demonyitogwapito said...

i remembered there were a lot of trees we planted before because as a mountaineer, it is part of our project. I am wondering if where are those trees right now. i just hope they are still alive and standing.