Thursday, February 17, 2011


Filipinos are known to have their close family ties, and it is one of the traits I am proud to have.Though at times this family ties gives negative impact to us. I know family matter to us first, that is why there are Filipinos that chooses to go abroad to work for their family, so they may have a good life ahead. When one of the family member is in trouble , you can assure of the support and concern of the whole family member, that's how close awe are to our kins. Our family is our strength but our weakness as well. 

Most of us are motivated to excel in school and in career for our family , We can endure all the suffering and pains just to see our family in good condition , to see our family healthy and happy. We plan so much for our parents , that sometimes we forgot ourselves happiness because we are so busy mending our families concern.Specially if your the only person in the family they are depending to, I believe its hard, the burden is in you, but you know what? despite all this fact in some of our family settings here, Life is worth living, Life is worth working for because you know your reason why you are doing your best in all that you do. And that's because our family needs us and we love them so much that we cannot stand to let them down.

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