Monday, January 24, 2011


Was pre-occupied with all the works I have in my desk this morning, but I am glad I didn't mend the time this time as I was so busy with all the works that needs to be done. Our Monday worship was heart warming, our guest Pastor who preach, leave some words that didn't leave me until now. He says that if you want to have something, you claim it that you already have it, yes, it may sound absurd that in the physical realm, the thing we desired is not there visibly, but the truth was , It was already done in the spiritual realm.He said if we know the rules in God's kingdom, all those things  we desired, like wealth, good health  will be given to us, even those impossible things that we wish for, we could have them  if we live by  faith and obey His word. Then there's no reason that God, will not bless His people. But really, its hard to obey. 

Tonight, My friend called and ask me to check out my face book and reply on those rsvp she posted on my wall. I promise her I will open my account and update myself on the latest buzz in our circle of friends, Although I told her I will check it out, I still don't feel like visiting the site, I'd rather do my stuff here and update my site than go there , comment on their walls and play with them online, I think its a waste of time and energy. Sorry guys, I'm not against any social networking because I also have my account in that famous networking, But I made it end up the pressure of my friends who are telling me I'm baduy ! because I don't
 know how to use the social networking. Anyway, who cares if I don't know how to operate the system, I know its not that difficult, but I'm not into it. :-)

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Lina Gustina said...

Yen, I also prefer to busy with my blogs than active in facebook...