Monday, January 10, 2011


This year, one of my goal is to become active on sports, I was into badminton  last year and this time, I am planning to join activity like running, hiking and other outdoor activity that will test my endurance. Now I'm eyeing for the North Face Arnuva running shoes, I need this shoes for the long runs that I might engaged when I start running. The shoes is not just limited for running , but I can use it as well on other activity such as mountain climbing. 

Earlier my friend called me and she was informing me that the group is organizing  a mountain trip next month, I am interested of course when I hear their plan. It excite me more to know that  almost everything that we are  to use will be provided, Sleeping bags that we will need will come from the mountaineers that will serve us our guide to the mountain that we are to climb. Others will come from us, like the first aid kit, but I don't mind because I'm already excited with this activity. It's time to sweat out and release some calories from my body so I'll climb for my health!. Of course mountain trip will not be complete without cameras and binoculars to see the natures beauty, so I'd save the date for this trip.:-)

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bleep said...

i would love to run around in comfy and pretty shoes...

nice share.