Friday, January 21, 2011


A friend of mine who happened to marry a Caucasian was talking to me over the phone last weekend, We talk often, and every time we find time to update each other. And her latest buzz, is that they are now in Colorado, Texas. I don't wonder why anymore, because they used to transfer homes annually as her hubby's job requires so. She was thankful that the team of Colorado Movers help them packed their stuff for them. The house work became manageable and pressure free. Happy to know she was satisfied.

Nowadays, those International Movers is very in demand, one of the common cause of migrating from one place to another is that ,career is in that place. There are so many reason, but this one is the main reason of my friend. I am also renting my place, meaning time will come that if I need to move out I will need the help of those Moving companies out there to lessen the burden of fixing everything around the house. In the future if I need them , at least I have contacts of  movers companies now,  that will address my concern. Had my friend not mention about their new address now, I would be sending my birthday card in the wrong home address. Everything is doing good in their new house as she was telling me. Colorado, make things work done for her family, glad to know all is well.


simply kim said...

very convenient!

Lina Gustina said...

A great help indeed..