Friday, January 14, 2011


In one of the Sunday teaching I attended in victory, Ptr. Robert was talking about Overflow, I know its in my podcast already but I have not yet listen to it again, maybe I'll do that one of these days. He said, Poverty is not an issue of our wallet, its always been an issue of our heart. Because if we believe and trust that that is a God provider and is able to give all that we need, why are we hoarding our blessings? . All things here on Earth comes from the Lord, meaning what he have right now, is not the result of our sweat, it is what God has given us when he created the world. And what he is asking only from us is the tenth of our income. He didn't say he will get the half of your income because what we are enjoying right now from Him. But even the tenth of our incomes, we still fail to give him back. Were afraid to let go of our blessings because we wanted to save for our future, were not aware that the more we keep the more we lost it. 

Have you observe those people who are fond of giving and helping others even in their last piece of bread, are the ones more being blessed the more, than those of people who are not. Once we know how to operate in the kingdom of God, and we give cheerfully , God sees your heart and I believe in his time he will make you prosper as what he promised for us. Happy weekend !

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