Tuesday, December 21, 2010


I was surprise to see my account in paypal this morning that my fund transfer transaction was reversed without my knowledge, the reason ? the admin of paypal suspected that my transaction was made by other people than me. In short, I was hacked. But as I checked my transaction, it was me who made the last transaction. And so without further a do, they subject my account into limited account until I update some details in my settings. What intrigues me is that, I was asked to confirmed my card but every time I encode my account number, a message pop up that says , the card is already in use. 

So what to do? I already had my dispute written and send in their resolution center and hope things will get back to normal soon. Why of all the days, it falls in this season, what a lovely gift from paypal. I'm not losing hope, anyway. And I am confident that the their going to restore my account to its normal mode. Happy Holidays everyone.

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NovaS said...

oh they will make sure the you were not hacked... i have some resolution filed with them and it pretty is working....