Tuesday, December 7, 2010


My busy days is not yet over, I was on leave today because I need to accomplish some documents that needs to be done. This afternoon, I almost stop breathing when I found out that I forgot my folder in the food chain where I took my lunch. I remember my thing when I am already out in that store for almost 10 minutes, and was walking to the nearest cab. I had my checking account and valid I'D's in that folder so I was worried that somebody might have got the folder and used my booklet. Goodness, I  immediately rush to the food chain were I left my folder, Thank God, the guard on duty saw my folder and keep it with him, so when I came there and was inquiring for my folder, the guard hand it back to me. Oh my,I was so happy to see my thing and was so thankful with the guard.I should  learn my lesson today. Sigh!

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Lina Gustina said...

The similar thing also happened to me a while ago. I lost my purse and I don't remember where the exactly place I left it, as I visited some places that day.
When I and my husband was looking my purse at a store, someone called and informed that he found my purse...