Wednesday, December 15, 2010


Yesterday, I learned from the news on the net and on television about the acquittal of the prime suspects for the controversial massacre of the 90's. The Vizconde massacre, I've been waiting for the verdict of the supreme court since last month, when I heard about it. And my wait is over, the whole nation witnessed the decision for the case. Lauro Vizconde's battle for justice is over, the court gives favor to the appeal of the suspects. What can I say? same as mediocre will say, surely their Christmas will be merrier around, because they are now free man. They can now enjoy the privileges of one's freedom outside the bars.

I have this question in mind that is consuming me right now, I don't want to be biased  but I will try to  sort out the questions bugging me. Does that mean our court here is not reliable anymore? because, if the suspects are claiming they are innocent at all and with all those evidence presented before,  why is that they where  still sentence to life imprisonment?  what happened?  If the complained parties where claiming their innocent and is saying there is a  mistake on the evidence and etc, isn't right to get back to the court  and put them also into trial, because of their verdicts before? the courts decided for their fate, after thorough  investigation and studying all the evidence presented before.  Why is it the family of complained party  let them suffer for 15 years inside the bars, if pointed suspects  has nothing  to do about the crime, Isn't unfair? their life was wasted inside the cell for wrong accusation? Why it takes 15 years ? so many  efforts , energy, tears  are spent and is long over due Justice delayed, is Justice denied .  What will happen now to the case of  Vizconde Massacre, is the justice served for this heinous crime?   Can we still rely in our judicial system here in our mother?  Oh, Lord help us, you know our hearts and our actions, if we were guilty or not, if we repent and turn back to you, its only you who knows.Give ear to those who are asking for justice and mercy, comfort them and show them your unconditional love

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