Sunday, December 26, 2010


Am I really a complainer? my sister in law was telling my brother how I complained for the service given by the jolibee crew in metro east, and I realized that day I also had an encounter with a  taxi driver who tries to fool me. I don't know if I complained a lot, my only point is that, when I know I am right I will insist my right and prove my side. As much as I can I don't want to complain on services that I am getting, but as much as also know I don't want to get the same service next time. That's why they have a customer service help desk, to assist their customers query and to make sure their service is always on top their top priority, for them  to improve more in their line of service. I am not complaining for no reason at all, what I would like them to do is act the way they commit the public to serve, because it was their commitment not mine. And I am just here to remind them that their quality of service does not need to suffer because of the volume of customers coming in their food chain. It was already anticipated before hand, such occasions, they should be prepare at all times. 

On the other hand, as a customer I tried my best to consider their situation, as much as I can , one flaws on their service is acceptable, two or more is another story, and that's where I get to stand my right to ask, to correct and to improve their service, and not to merely complain.


Geneve said...

Its your right to complain. I also had a bad experience with jollibee. Sometimes its best to complain for them to take action.

anvie sloane said...

as a customer I tried ....yeargh.. i'm tired..kekek