Saturday, December 11, 2010


I went out this morning to look for books in business and inspirational. I wanted to buy books that could motivate me more in putting up my own business and focus on that goal of mine. I'm glad I was able to buy a books, one from book sale and the other one from the local book store here. I will schedule myself from reading those pending books that I have in my drawer. I realize lately, my interest in business books is flaming maybe this is already the sign that I'm starting to prepare myself in a bigger responsibility I would like to enter.  As R.Kiyosaki says, You become what you read, and so I wanted to learn more and discover more about business management and hopefully be able to apply the formula of the successful man behind the books that I am reading. And  hope that someday I am one of them, to share about my success in this journal of mine.

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