Sunday, December 26, 2010


Three weeks ago, Jrell a good friend of mine was excited about how he got his new iphone 4.I learned it was a gift from her Aunt whose in Hongkong spending for holiday shopping. Now he has two iphone unit, the old one was a free from the cellphone line connection he availed here. According to him the gift he received this Christmas is a blessing in disguise because his old iphone is in trouble, he is suspecting it needs to be reformat for restoration, that's why he was asking me of the most effective iphone recovery. And after I did some research and suggested those authorized service center he could visit, I heard yesterday the phone is at work.

We were pointing out what have cause the iphone to respond, I told him maybe he over used the gadget that's why it shut down automatically. I send him the link on  how to maintain an iphone and let him read to refresh him of the things to do and don't. For all I know he loves his old iphone because his favorite application was installed in that phone, his phonebook, notes , music. Although he has a new iphone , for him the old one is still different and his companion for almost three years now, I really  hope he could get his phone before the year end.

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