Friday, November 19, 2010


Holidays, birthdays, events are occupying me these days, foods are always in buffet and I am having a hard time to resist in all the foods prepared on birthdays and events. It is during this time that I must have my weight loss diet if I don't want to look like a fattened cow.It's one of my struggle actually to not indulge into my tasty cravings, sticking to the plan of eating only healthy foods , no meat at all is a bit difficult specially that the holiday is coming near. My mind is giving me a reason to break my goal, that it is okay to indulge myself once in for all,taste all those foods that appeals me. Oh no, refrain of take it, but be ready to face the consequences once choose to my tastes desire.

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simply kim said...

i think a lot of us needs to lose some weight, lol!