Sunday, November 28, 2010


When we were told to wear funky dress as our costume on the dance number for the awards night last Thursday, I was a bit hesitant to wear off shoulder dress because I was worried I have body acne that my eyes can't see but others may see it clearly in me.Although I believe I have non, I was just reminded of my colleague before who wore this backless dress without fear even if she has body acne, maybe she was not aware she has an acne on her back, and I am not ridiculing the person, it's just that from then on I always have this fear of having those imperfection that I am not aware of,even mirror could not detect it. My friend told me I am just over reacting, and maybe they are right, but anyway if you think you have issue on body acne, try to treat yourself, have a body acne treatment in your list of prioritize so you won't fear to bare.

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analou said...

Me too is very conscious whenever I wear an off-shoulder dress. Minsan kasi I have acne in my back which is very embarrassing.

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