Friday, November 19, 2010


I am excited to see the ceremony of my friends who will about to marry next month, we were reminiscing thoughts of her and his boyfriend staring at each other so in love and are filled with happiness in their special day. They say,all girls wishes to wear a wedding gown and say their I do with the man they believed to be their better half, I agree with the old saying. It's a fulfillment to swear in front God , family and friends your vow to the person you love. Wedding is a solemn ceremony and in this event participants are given a token of appreciation for witnessing the sacred vow of the couple. In my friend's case  we suggested  if they could budget way to send flowers as a give aways for the guests, this is new to me but its  more unique, sweet and memorable. But of course it will still be my friends choice and of course their budget to dictate.

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