Monday, November 15, 2010


Indeed, money can't buy everything, like some greedy rich people say, that they can own and buy everything in this world, that every living things and non living things here on Earth has its price. But what are those riches and possessions if you have no wisdom?. But look what is happening in our surroundings right now, we are drowning ourselves in working to own those materials in this world. Our standard is based on the physical package of an individual, we are always blinded by what we saw. We avoid those people who are not that good looking and has bad odors in the mrt, and admire those people who are wearing executive suits with their expensive fragrance.

Don't blame us, its the natural instinct of man. We failed to see the beauty that lies beneath those bad odor people we encounter because we already judged the person by their appearance. And what if the person you prefer to be near  you in a cool Armani suit is a killer or a rapist, can you still endure his lovely scent beside you? I'm wondering why we abhor being associated with people we consider Jologs' and are so trying hard to be counted as friend to those who are living in the exclusive villages for the rich and famous. We love to pretend to be somebody that were really not. We don't mind compromising  our beliefs and principles just to reach what others have regardless of what the outcome would be.We rejoice if our neighbor becomes bankrupt and we say , its God's wrath to them. But we failed to see our own speckle. We love to talk the lives of other people, but our blood boils and are  so agitated when we learned that  our neighbor talks behind our back as well.... Well, well, well, life is so complicated because people are making it complicated.

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