Sunday, November 28, 2010


I didn't thought my friend could get to visit U.K that fast. I was just hearing from her three weeks ago about her plan of visiting her Aunt in London.I'm happy for her at last she was able to see the place of her loving Aunt that lives there for almost 15 years now.. She show me her latest picture and on her background is the nice address plaque of her Aunt's house. The house looks class and sophisticated and I can't hide myself from admiring the architecture of the house.

I've seen pictures of houses with address plaques and numbers along the road and streets , still I'm impressed with the styles of those signs, not only that I like the way they look,  another thing is that, those address signs helps visitor to locate easily the exact address and location of the person whom they wish to visit. Those visible signs outside the houses and wall streets prevent you from getting nowhere and lost on place you are heading to.You see, if  all place has their  eye catching  wall address plaques , then time and effort  from locating the area you are not familiar with can be minimize and let you focused on other stuff  rather than consume your time from guessing the houses you are to pass by. That's how important address sign is, they makes our lives easier and accessible.I hope to hear again the latest updates on this friend of mine who is now
enjoying her vacation together with his son.

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