Friday, November 5, 2010


When I was studying my mother would give me gifts whenever I excel at school and received an award for my performance. She loves jewelry  that's why she loves to wear me gold  necklace, earrings and bracelet , it was her way of rewarding me of my works. And because of those presents she gave me, I grew up collecting accessories that I like wearing as part of my fashion style. And this time I heart cubic zirconia rings my eyes can't  get off me when I saw those collections of fabulous rings, earrings, necklace . I got struck with this fancy solitaires ring, I hope my bf is reading my post now and be moved to hand me a present on this coming holiday. Wow! such a sweet of him. (winks)


Diana said...

haha my dream ring would be the harry winston micropave cushion cut. but that thing is like the price of a car x_x

JENIE=) said...

great way to send the message across dear! hahaha. make him sit in front of ur pc and read...pilitin bah?! hahaha.