Saturday, November 6, 2010


It's been quiet a year when I tried to do something different on this page of mine, my first two months of writing my personal journal online, the only things that I know was to composed, and publish. I didn't know about url address, links , html codes and more of the features I was not familiar with. But as time went on, I discover those terms ,features , uses enhancement , traffic and links in this medium that is confusing me big time before. After learning those things that I should know my desire to play on my templates and design in my own page had flare up, became busy searching for free domain name of my site. I was told by some good cyber friend the important of linking and making friends with, so I also do what they say ,in order for  my  friends and visitors check me out whenever I have updates to share. Now, I am grateful to all the people behind the knowledge and skills I've learned in keeping my journey in the net fun and exciting. I thank them for coaching me without asking in return, and for that I am forever thankful with them.

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