Friday, October 22, 2010


Environment and people around us has its share on how we look lives, how we act and respond to particular situation. And it's true that we adopt the nature of our environment, the people we spend most of the time, becomes us also. Their attitude and behavior can greatly affect us, that is why it is very important  that the children on his/her youngest age should learn the good values. If not, we'll fall on the saying that goes like these, "What you see is what you get" , when parent are taking full responsibility on being a model to their child , the children grew up with those values his/her parents planted inside them.  Our home is our foundation, parents are our first model.When time comes for us to face the world outside, we encounter different people and personality ,it's when the time when we apply the values that are parents had taught us. 

I used to hear this line in my mother, " tell me who your friends are, and I will tell you who you are". I was on my teen age life when my mother would always show some dislike and likes whenever I come home with friends. I know she would observed the attitude of my friends , I guess it was her motherly instinct. We would always argue , because she will not go out in her room if the visitor is the friend that she didn't like me to be friend with. I started to contradict my mother's notion, I thought I knew what I am doing, I knew better because I was the one who is spending time with my friends, so I know better the attitude of my friend than my mother do. But I was not aware that I am becoming the person that my friends are, and that is why my mother was starting to become strict on me. I was not allowed to go out with friends that she didn't like, while she would entertain my other friends that she likes, and I would not have difficulty of asking permission when I go out with my moms choice of friendship. Know I fully understand my mothers behavior when I was enjoying my teen age life. Had my mother gave in to my reasoning, I will not become the person I am now, strong and independent as she used to described me. While those friends of mine before that my mother dislike has their own story to tell.  My thank you to God.

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