Sunday, October 31, 2010


I wasn't able to attend the mass today, I sleep the whole day to re gain my energy from the activity I had yesterday. I wall climb a 2 storey height of building with friends, and thank goodness for my trainer because he was helping me reach the aim height, if not with his help I guess I quit in the middle of that activity. I was not thinking anymore on where to step and he was patient to coach me where to set foot to step up. After that activity my I felt pain on my wrist, and it was expected because I was using more of my hand rather than my legs. When we were walking along the country club, my foot begun to swell and I blame it to my shoes. I know I should have wear the kind of mbt shoes that is known to give a relaxing effect on the toes as you used it everyday.It's my next goal, to buy one for me so I can move faster and have no trouble in walking and in doing some leg work.

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