Sunday, October 17, 2010


In our generation , younger people are adding up to numbers of those who find cigarette as their favorite vice. Despite government warnings on cigarette smoking, we keep on using it. I'm not a smoker but I do occasionally and with my curiosity impulse I tried varieties to know what brand and taste will I hooked up. Recently I've heard there's this arturo fuente brand that really is a teaser that you'd wish to taste. Maybe I'd gladly popped in if someone invites me to join, for an experience. 

Speaking of cigarettes, I'm kind of pissed off with those man that don't know how to follow instruction, who keeps the stick with them inside the public utility vehicles. I'm not anti- smoker, I don't care if they would like to smell like an ashtray, my only point is that , I hope they are sensitive enough to inhale those smokes in the smokers area section, and not in public places, where everyone can be their second hand smokers.

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simply kim said...

right you are. some people are just simply too inconsiderate..