Sunday, October 31, 2010


Its all saints day today, and my family are going to travel out of town to give respect with our grand parent tomb. The weather is not that bad, raining a bit but makes the highway wet and slippery. I understand now why it is very important that car owners should have their auto under a 5th wheel insurance for protection and other emergency help one may encounter while driving on their way. We can't always foresee emergency along our way, but at least we can always turn to our service assistant as our privilege.  

Traffic is bumper to bumper again, and what should we expect? its holiday today and of course everyone is looking forward of visiting their loved ones place and say a little prayer for them. No amount of rain and traffic could hinder us on going down the road to celebrate this day that we reserved only for them. I just hope we could get there early and were about to leave now, so I have to end this talked, til tonight again.


Lina Gustina said...

You've still got wonderful week end; though there were traffic jam and rainy day :)

imriz said...

it rained here in our place, but, i guess, it always rained here during all saint's day. hopw u had a great time w/ kins. keep safe.