Friday, October 22, 2010


It's been a long time when I was struggling with my subject on numbers and you know how it feels like when you were able to level up after the hard part. I am not forgetting the fact that I messed up with these subjects, my  Algebra 1 and Algebra 2 . I didn't like much of numbers, I'd rather stay extending hours listening to my English professor about verbs and adverbs than find out the relationship of A to X,. But again, I have no choice except to change my mindset and study the subject. I had a big admiration with those students that are like playing with numbers and would quickly give Math answers to the seat works of our professor, while I stare blankly on my paper. That was one of my awful moments to recall, and so I thought numbers is not my friend.

I was once told before that there are Free math tutoring online that will help me to better understand the subject so I can avoid having a failed grade or be friend those genius in the class, what a brilliant idea (wink!).  But really, kidding aside  Online tutoring for math and other subject could be best to advance the learning that you had right now. I am saying this because I've learned my lesson on my previous mistake, that if you know your not good with it, do something! don't waste the opportunity to learn from the subject. Studying is fun, and so as to learning, it's not going to be easy but its worth it when you survive and master the subject that you always avoid. I'm not good in math, yes but there are sub category in math that I am good with like in statistic. I don't know , I can't explain why I found that easy for me to absorb, maybe because it's more on analysis. But to those student that needs to learn more, try browsing and you'll find that there is Statistic help online that you can get, as well as Chemistry help if you feel like knowing more about the composition and chemical compound of the matter. 

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