Sunday, October 31, 2010


A friend of mine offers me a motorcycle that she said I could turn as my passive income. Of course I became interested with her offer and as I asked people and seek advice with them if it is good to buy a second hand motorcycle for passenger ride, know I am having hard time to decide. I know I had to weight all the cons and pros of buying such second hand motorcycle. The motorcycle has already a membership, a permit to travel,  now I  asked a good friend who knows more about this matter and according to him it will eat a lot of money to own a new one. So he is suggesting me to buy the second hand motorcycle and besides he says the owner knows how to take care of the motor. And the internal parts were not yet opened since it was purchased. Oh by the way the model of the tricycle is barako 175cc , 2004 model. I think I need to pray for this. Oh help me God.

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