Saturday, October 16, 2010


I fell like I've been into active workout these fast few days. Last Thursday I was playing hard to win , it was our company team building activity that we were grouped into six with a total of 15 members each. my group excel on some games but in few other tasks we failed to bit the record. But it was a fun and exciting moment to cherish from the people around me in the office that I was not close to. I had a good laugh even if I didn't able to catch the piglet. haha. It was one of the game that I enjoyed a lot, because different from the normal games that we were expected. The leaders were spare from playing all the games, just to know at the end that we were reserved to play in the cage of piglet. Oh no! Over all, our company outing was successful and very fantastic. Life is good, as as God! thank you Lord.

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