Friday, October 22, 2010


Been reading an articles this morning about polycystic ovary, the causes , syndrome , signs that a woman had. Though experts are can't explain the main reason or cause on what causes a woman to have this kind of imbalance in woman's reproductive organ aside from genetic root. It has also stated that having this kind of imbalance can be associated with baldness, darkening spots in the armpit, around the breast, acne , and obesity, excessive growth of hair in the chest, stomach and to mention more. But according to medical experts these problems can be prevented if the patient will do what has instructed by their doctors. Like for example the problem on having an acne, there are acne products now that is out in the market is effective and is really working overtime. Likewise there is also products for excessive fats , baldness and others.It has been said that its better to prevent than cure. There's no problem that can't be solved its only a matter of educating ourselves to a particular matter. 

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